Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Retention offer from Credit Protector Program (CPP)

I posted about the initial rebate offer that I took advantage of from the CPP. I called to cancel my membership after I received the rebate check. And the retention offer seemed not to be cash any more. A representative told me he could send me a gift card worth $30. But I gotta choose the stores among walmart, homedepot and sears. I thought that I could get the gift card directly this time and agreed on this deal. To my surprise, I found that it was still a rebate thing when I received the paperwork. I need to fill the rebate forms and send them to the same rebate center to request the gift cards. The face value of each gift card is $10 and it should be used in three different months. I haven't decided yet if I should go through the same hassle again. I would like to get more opinion before I take any action. So what's your experience about that?


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