Saturday, March 18, 2006

Free gift from Credit Protector Program (CPP): is it worth it?

As a credit card holder, you should have received one of the checks for you to try out the credit protector program. Have you ever taken advantage of it?

Last year when the bonus of my citi dividend card reached the $300 limit, I stopped using it. I decided that it was the time for me to join the credit protector program and put my card deep in my drawer. But at that time I had no trail checks to deposit. So I chose to enroll it through the internet and received a rebate form with the welcome package. After having sent out the filled rebate form along with the required documents (a retail receipt of more than $20), I started a long waiting period. Three months later I still didn't received anything from the rebate center. I was even unable to locate the record of my rebate in the website. And the worse thing was that there was no telephone number in the rebate form. So I called the CPP customer service and got the number of rebate tracking. I just don't understand why they don't put it in the rebate form like other rebate programs do. Then that phone number is an automated system and it requires the caller to leave a message for them to call back. The next day someone called back and asked me to fax the copies of all my documents. Finally it took me almost five months to get the $20 check. That was the hardest $20 I have ever earned.

I think next time I would do this only when I get the trial check first. I will call to cancel that in a few days and see what the retention offer will be.


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