Monday, March 27, 2006

Free $100 from Citi Professional Card

I posted about the receipt of my Citi Professional Card recently. In order to get the bonus points as soon as possible, I made a tiny purchase right after I received the card. Three days ago I got my first statement and the bonus points showed up at the same day. Its statement looks very cool. You can see your expenses under different categories. And you can also create a customized report for your own purpose.

This morning I was trying to add my professional card to my existing thank your network account, which I created months ago for our banking account. But to my disappointed, I was not allowed to do so because the primary account owner of our banking account is my husband, even though we are the joint owner for both the professional card and the banking account. Should have done more research //blush...

Anyway, I started to browsing the gift card offers after I create my own account. By comparing all of those gift card, it looks that it would be better to redeem the points after it reaches at least 5000. Then each point will be worth 1 cent. There are a wide variety of selections, ranging from airline ticket, clothing store to gas card. For my personal opinion, I think the gas card would be the best choice for me. That's the expenses that will definitely occur. I don't like the feeling of being forced to shop due to the availability of the gift cards. So I exchanged 10000 points with two $50 Exxon gas card.


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