Monday, February 13, 2006

Throw out the old egg while searching the new egg: one of my financial mistakes

Last October, my DSL's contract ended and I was considering to switch the bundle plan provided by optimum. ($29.99 each for internet, cable TV and unlimited phone call).

The first step I made was to call Verizon to cancel my DSL service. The first CSR I talked with offered me 2 months free without additional contract. I told her that I need discuss with Mr. circle. After doing some calculation we though that we couldn't save too much out of it. Furthermore we really wanted to have a cable TV service as soon as possible at that time. Then I called Verizon again and the 2nd csr only offered me 1 month free without additional contract. Of course I rejected her offer and set a time to cancel my DSL service.

unexpectedly, Optimum changed the installation date. I didn't think too much and agreed with that change, while not called Verizon to change the termination date of the DSL. Even more unexpectedly, the guy from Optimum told us that the signal in our apartment was too weak and they can't complete the installation. Thus I had to cancel the order and switch back to DSL. Then I called DSL to reopen my DSL service. Unfortunately I was no the customer they want to retain any more. I was treated as the new customer and had to sign another one year contract to get the DSL service.

The above experience told me "never break the old egg before you eat the new egg, even if the new egg is just in front of you". If I didn't cancel the DSL contract before I installed the Optimum bundle plan, I would have had at least one month free without additional contract. And you never know how important it is to negotiate a better deal with the provider in the future without the contract. So many bloggers mentioned various tips of saving on the everyday expenses. Now I am just stucked here and waiting another year for my contract to expire.


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