Monday, February 13, 2006

Parking tips in New York City

As the residents in new york metro area, we go to the big apple once in a while. But the overhead expenses seem to be a problem. If we take train, it would cost $30 for two of us. It would cost more for a bigger family. So most of time we just drive our own car to the city. But you may heard the parking in NYC had also been a pain on the neck. Here I will introduce a website which makes our trip to NYC convenient and affordable. You may try that if your have to drive to the NYC.

iconparking has a network of over 150 manhattan parking facilities. You just need to go to their website and use their easy 1-2-3 step:
(1) enter when and where you want to park.
(2) choose the best location and price
(3) print the space guarantee

Just bring your print out to your designated facility, you will enjoy the professional valet parking service with a reasonable price. You will pay the parking fee when you exit. And you have no obligation to do anything before you enter the parking facility. If you have to cancel your trip, just throw away the print out.

With this website, you can choose your parking lot at home and get a guaranteed space at a resonable price. Sometimes you may find some coupon for night or weekend parking on their special section.

Also they provide several tips about parking in NYC, which I think it's kind of useful.
(1) Enter the garage between 6am and 10am to get the early bird special
(2) Enter the garage after 6pm to get the night parking special
(3) Park farther away from the 5th ave
(4) Avoid oversized vehicle

And the sweetest thing is as of Nov 13th, the metered parking in NYC became free on Sundays. Enjoy your trip in the big apple!


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