Friday, January 13, 2006

Prepare yourself for the tax season(2): Get the software

Considering my simple tax issues, first I thought I would not need the tax software and I could continue using my 2005 money deluxe to do all my account management. However, the other day when I was browsing fatwallet and found a really good deal about the combination of these two software. You can easily get them with a negative price after pm and rebate. Yes, I am not kidding. You can get money back from this purchase. So I changed my mind. Why not grab one to save the hassle of the paperwork? Also with money, I can get free one year of credit monitoring. It's really useful for me to decide if I should take some credit card deals.

Here is the trick: you can order them from staples and ask for price match right after you submit the order. You can also buy them separately like 2 million did.


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