Thursday, January 19, 2006

Open Process for HSBC online saving

On 11/30/2005, I mentioned a promotion for opening an online saving account in hsbc. Well,
I din't take action until 2006. Don't know why it was delayed. Vacation, holiday parties or just being lazy or scared by its tedious processing... Anyway, 25 bonus has been deposited to my new account yesterday. It's time for me to review the whole process.

1/2/2006 Finished my saved online application. Answered some wired questions that were totally unrelated to our credit report. I think I did the same thing when I requied the free credit report from one of the credit bureaus. Don't remember exactly which one though. Fortunetely I got passed right away. Then I filled the signature card online. There are two ways to verify the initial deposit account. (1) provide online username and password (2) trial deposit. I am not comfortable to give them my password in another bank and want to get some extra money. I heard that hsbc has always beem always generous than the others. So I choose the trial deposit.

1/3/2006 Two small trial deposit showed up on my local checking account. So I went to the application page and verified the two deposit.

1/4/2006 The initial deposit amount disappeared from my local checking account. And I found that it was deposited to hsbc account on 1/6/2006. Lost two days' interest!

1/6/2006- Received several snail mails including userid, password
-1/9/2006 and account numberrouting number. Finally I got logined on my account using the 20 letter-long id and 8-letter long password. You may ask how can you remenber those numbers. The good thing is that you can choose your own id and password after you login.
But, you can not be relieved yet. To set up bank to bank transfer, you have to set up a securrty key, which can only be typed by mouse. After that, it requires the atm car number and pin.

1/10/2006 I am in east coast so I think the atm card and pin
-1/12/2006 should arrive soon. But I was wrong. I checked my mailbox everyday but didn't received any mails from hsbc thereafter

1/13/2006 I called the customer service and they skipped that step for me. So I can initiate bank to bank transfer now. I add all my account except ingdirect. Again I choose the trial deposit instead of providing password. You even need to set up b2b transfer again for the bank where you made the initial deposit.

1/14/2006 Received atm card. Don't know why it took so long.

1/17/2006 After weekend and a bank holiday, the trial deposits showed up on all my linked accounts. And $25 bonus showed up in HSBC account. It's faster than I thought. Just 15 days after I filled in the application.


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