Sunday, January 22, 2006

emigrantdirect is offering a new credit card

Just one day after ing announced its winter saving up sale, emigrant direct started to promote its new credit card. Before you read the fine prints, you may think it might be replace you other cash-rebate cards when you buy something other than those in 5% category (grocery, gas and phamaceutical products).
Here I create a summary for your reference:
(1) No annual fee only if you have an ED account.
(2) 1.5% rebate only if you maintain a 10K balance.(otherwise only 0.5% rebate)
(3) 6 month 0% apr balance transfer but with transfer fee. The transfer fee even doesn't have a upper limit after the trial peiod.
(4) rebate will only be credited twice annually.

Upon careful consideration, I decided to pass this offer.


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