Sunday, December 25, 2005

received 150 bonus from netbank

Account open: 11/07/05
Initial deposit: 11/16/05
Bonus received: 12/22/05

Thursday, December 08, 2005

got blink bonus from chase successfully

I went to cvs several days ago and spend some money there. I checked my credit card statement today. To my surprise, the bonus showed up on the same day as that of the purchase. Will try to use up the six purchases t get the full $25 bonus.
By the way, it was really convenient and fast since it didn't require signature. I am just wondering how they prevent the identity theft. The cashier in cvs even didn't know that their machine was installed wih this function. He said that he would ask his father to try it.
See my previous post about blink

holiday gift card in a&p

A lot of people are buying gift cards for other retailers in safeway to maximize the cash rebate from the credit card. Since I moved to the east coast, I had no chance to shop in safeway any more. So I have started to search for local supermarket where I can buy gift card from recently. Today when I was browsing the flyers from a&P, I found that they had this program in the holiday season.

Will check some stores nearby soon to see how many kinds of gift card they are selling. Hopefully I can convert most of the 1% rebate to 5% rebate.

snapshot for the taxrate in 2006

For married filing jointly
taxable income(x) tax
0----14600 x*10%
14600----59400 1460+(x-14600)*15%
59400---119950 8180+(x-59400)*25%
119950--182800 23317.5+(x-119950)*28%
182800--326400 40915.50+(x-182800)*33%
326450---infinity 88320+(x-326450)*35%

standard deduction: 10000
Personal Exemption: 3200