Thursday, November 17, 2005

finally my deposit showed up in netbank

Got a deal 0f $150 bonus to open an checking account and an money market account in netbank. The application got approved immediately on Nov, 7th. Three days later the initial fund was withdrawn from my linked account. It's my second time for me to open an online account. The first time was with ingdirect. It went very smoothly. In the following days I keep checking the website of netbank and the balances for both accounts have been always zero. In order to try the customer service of netbank, I called them to ask the funding process. The service was okay. I was told last friday was a banking holiday. And it normally takes five to seven business days to transfer money between banks. Does that mean I would have lost interests during that period? Should take this into account next time when I open an account. Anyway this time I was just going for the bonus. Finally I found the fund arrived this morning. Not too bad. Now I just need to be patient to waiting for the bonus. Still not sure how they count the average monthly balance.


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