Monday, November 21, 2005

costco: black or white card

There are two different membership cards for individuals. One is called Gold Star membership (white card), while another is called New Executive Gold Star membership(black card). It costs $55 more to get the black card. But the black card offers 2% rebate for purchases. For a basic calculation, you need spend $2750 per year to compromise the difference in membership cost. For a small family like mine, we never spent that much in costco. That's why we never considered it.But I just heard from someone there was another extra benefit for the black card. If your rebate don't reach $55, costco will refund you the difference between your rebate and $55. That means you can get $55 anyway. Then why not apply for a black card? However, I checked all the documents about the membership in and didn't find this term. Is it a under the table deal? Don't know if anybody really got that.
Anyway there is $10 cash back when you sign up for a membership from now to 12/31/2005


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