Wednesday, November 30, 2005

25 bonus for opening a HSBC savings account

I missed the $35 one. Now here is another one, although it is not as sweet as before. But it is
better than nothing. Will do more research to see if they will run hard credit check to open an account.
promo code is "start"
Limit one $25 bonus per customer. HSBCdirect Online Savings Account must remain open until bonus is credited or bonus will be forfeited. $25 bonus is considered taxable income and will be reported on IRS Form 1099

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

chase blink

Got my renewed chase reward card. Chase is currently promoting a new feature: Blink. You don't need swipe the card and sign the receipt. All you need to do is to blink it in front of a new machine. Chase will give me $1 for each of my first five blink purchases and $20 for my sixth blink purchase. There are not many affiliate stores right now though. Basically they are convinient stores like 7-11, drug stores like CVS, DR and cinemas. I will try to blink it in the cvs nearby and see how it works.

Monday, November 21, 2005

how to boost your credit score

Find an interesting article in WSJ

costco: black or white card

There are two different membership cards for individuals. One is called Gold Star membership (white card), while another is called New Executive Gold Star membership(black card). It costs $55 more to get the black card. But the black card offers 2% rebate for purchases. For a basic calculation, you need spend $2750 per year to compromise the difference in membership cost. For a small family like mine, we never spent that much in costco. That's why we never considered it.But I just heard from someone there was another extra benefit for the black card. If your rebate don't reach $55, costco will refund you the difference between your rebate and $55. That means you can get $55 anyway. Then why not apply for a black card? However, I checked all the documents about the membership in and didn't find this term. Is it a under the table deal? Don't know if anybody really got that.
Anyway there is $10 cash back when you sign up for a membership from now to 12/31/2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

To do list about credit card

(1)Discovercard is now offering three different award programs: 5% rebate on gas, restaurant, and home improvement. I have two cards with same rebate on gas. I am still renting so I don't need promotion for the home improvement. I think I should take the restaurant promotion
(2)Fidelity Investments 529 College Rewards Card provides 2% rebate for any purchase. The rebate will deposit into the 529 account in Fidelity.

Combining these two cards with my current two favorites, I can have 5% rebate on grocery, gas, medicine and dining out and 2% rebate on all others.

my favorite credit cards (2)--Chase reward card

The reason I was applying for the chase card was for transferring some balance to pay off my car loan. After the 0 apr period ended, I never touched it. Don't like the interface of its website. However, my citi card rebate reached the limit of $300. I need to find another replacement card with equivalent benefit. So I started to search for a new card and found chase was offering the same rebate structure as citi dividend did. After a simple call, I switched to the new reward system.

My favorite credit cards (1)--Citi dividend

The citi dividend card should be my most favorite credit card without any doubts. When I first got this card two years ago, they gave me 5% rebate for every purchases. It was really exciting to see the accumulation of the bonus. After the promotion period, 5% rebate only offers to grocery, gas and medicine shopping. But it's still better than other cards.

Is budgeting always good

I set up a budget and review it frequently. I always try my best to keep my spending within my budget. Sometimes I have a coupon like 20 off 100, while my budget doesn't allow me to make purchases over 100,I always go with my budget. I though that I really were a self-disciplined. However, when I review my expences over the last several months, I found my total expenses in that thing was far beyond 100. I just didn't enjoy the benefit of the coupon and lost some money technically. After that I realized it might be smart to make a trade-off between obeying the budget and using coupons efficiently.

sweet discover deal

Got a postcard from discover, which indicates a $5 bonus just for revisting the website. How sweet it is! Seems that discovercard always has some promotions now and then. Last month for restaurant, and this month for online shopping. This one is even better. You don't need to buy anything.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

About categories

I am really a newbie as a blogger. I just can't find how to create categories in the template. Should I modify the html code? I remember I can do that in msn spaces. Hope I can figure it out soon.

finally my deposit showed up in netbank

Got a deal 0f $150 bonus to open an checking account and an money market account in netbank. The application got approved immediately on Nov, 7th. Three days later the initial fund was withdrawn from my linked account. It's my second time for me to open an online account. The first time was with ingdirect. It went very smoothly. In the following days I keep checking the website of netbank and the balances for both accounts have been always zero. In order to try the customer service of netbank, I called them to ask the funding process. The service was okay. I was told last friday was a banking holiday. And it normally takes five to seven business days to transfer money between banks. Does that mean I would have lost interests during that period? Should take this into account next time when I open an account. Anyway this time I was just going for the bonus. Finally I found the fund arrived this morning. Not too bad. Now I just need to be patient to waiting for the bonus. Still not sure how they count the average monthly balance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

congratulations on the openning of my blog

It's been a long time since I considered creating a blog for myself. Today finally I made it. Just want to congratulate to myself. Hope I can find a time to update it frequently.